NB Compy2


Virus Cleaning, Hardware Troubleshooting, Networking & Software Support

Armed to with the best software, hardware and certified training to get  the job done right, and get it done quickly.


Windows upgrades including services packs, fixes &Windows 7 installation. Update computer to latest drivers & BIOS firmware.


Router setup with 100/1000 mbps Ethernet.Wireless network setup with 802.11 B/G/N.


Speed up your current PC by upgrading the RAM in it.This is the most cost effective way to increase yourPC's performance. Available RAM: DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4.


Very experienced with removing any type of virus/malware on a computer. Including trojan viruses, root kits & MBR viruses.


We can backup your data from a computer that’s not working and put it on a DVD,or flash drive we also provide data recovery services on failing hard drives and deleted files.

  • Experience: 30 years in business
  • Reputation: Voted #1 in Lake City by Angie's list & BBB
  • Training: Up to date on all new software & hardware

your information is safe with us:

Any info, data, programs, copyrights, logos, pantents, paintent files, anything, is 110% safe with us We will never share nor disclose, nor copy your data, no matter what!

  • Privacy: All your pic, doc's and data, is 100% safe
  • Encrypted: I can encrypt all your data from prying eyes
  • Non-Disclosure: Will not disclose any info on your computer, no mater what!

Hard Drive "cleaned" vs. Format andreinstall

This is one of the biggest debates around. Can you fully, successfully , remove all traces to a virus-trojan-malware from a hard drive without the need to reformat?

I say, in certain circumstances, yes. But i prefer to back up data, save your pictures, documents and such. And completely erase drive to DOD standard, and reinstall a fresh copy of your OS, and update, then put back all your pictures, documents and such. giving you a 100% fully cleaned, and speedy system, and all for the same price as the others charge just to so call “clean” out virus’.

Computer Recycling:

Every day thousands of computers are thrown away into landfills, many of these computers can be recycled. We offer full computer recycling services including free data wipe and or Hard Drive shredding service. Do your part and go green today by recycling your old computer.
  • Secure: Your Hard Drives will be DOD (dept of defense) Data wiped
  • Go Green: All parts of systems will be recycled according to standards
  • Reused: Nothing goes to waste, working systems are restored and given to children in need, or donated to Veterans in need.