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“Simply the best place in town to get a new laptop, got mine for less than 1/3 of the other guys, and with 1 year warranty, thank you Vince.”

– Grace M.

“Bought a refurbished system from vince, he transfered all my files from my old system and gave me a flash drive as backup, best service ever.”

– Jim Finkle.

“Everyone else tried to sell me a so called new system, cause they said mine was no good. Vince fixed mine, updated it and it is as good as it needs to be for me, for about 20% the price of a new one, 5 Stars all the way”

– Leo Greenberg.

“Vince took care of our systems at hotel, all information backed up, and everything restored after a disgruntled ex-employee tried to wipe , format all our drives.

 If not for Vince, we would have lost thousands of dollars!!”

– H. Patel.

“Vince replaced all systems in our office, and installed wi-fi, and network. All done for way less than expected, and it works like a dream, kept all info and patient records intact, your the best Vince.”

– Rodney Scipher PA.

“Someone tried to hack into my private server, all my data and sensitive files were at risk. If it got into the wrong hands it could have had detrimental ramifications for me. He was able to secure my server, lock my files in an encrypted manner, and then install a VPN and firewalls, now this wont happen again. Vince, you saved my bacon, ty “

– J.S.

“Best Karaoke/DJ machine I have ever owned

I do major functions, and a radio station and Vince got me top notch stuff, dude, your the coolest”

– Dave The Rave- WCJB.

I Love the DJ laptop I got from you guys, it was awesome, parties and raves are a blast, system is super easy to use and many add ons , my crew loves it .”

– Josh DJ Fantasy NYC

I was amazed at the amount of karaoke songs on the hard drive i got form you. It was jam packed with all the best from oldies to new stuff..

Excellent service, excellent price, and one HELL of a great DJ system, you guys ROCK….

– Allen J. DJ LittleBit

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