Virus Cleaning, Hardware Troubleshooting, Networking & Software Support



Windows upgrades including services packs, fixes & Windows 7 installation.
Update computer to latest drivers & BIOS firmware.


Router setup with 100/1000 mbps Ethernet. Wireless network setup with 802.11 B/G/N.



Speed up your current PC by upgrading the RAM in it. This is the most cost effective way to increase your PC's performance. Available RAM: DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3.


Very experienced with removing any type of virus/malware on a computer. Including trojan horse viruses, root kits & MBR viruses.


Screen replacement for IPhones, IPods, HTC devices & others.


We can backup your data from a computer thats not working and put it on a DVD, we also provide data recovery services on failing hard drives and deleted files.


Computer Recycling

Every day thousands of computers are thrown away into landfills, many of these computers can be recycled. We offer full computer recycling services including free data wipe and or Hard Drive shredding service. Do your part and go green today by recycling your old computer.

100% Secure data destruction guaranteed with our service, we use D.O.D (Department of Defense)  Data shredding , 100% destruction of data guaranteed !

If the computer part can be recycled it will be, if not rest assured it will be disposed of properly, according to "go green" standards

What  do we Recycle ?

Laptop & Desktop Computers, Monitors, TV's, and Network Equipment, Telephones, Computer Parts, Motherboards, PC Cards, Memory, Hard Drives & Cell phone's, and lots more

On site drop off service, or  call to schedule a pick up

  • Website Development
    Search Engine Optimization
    E Commerce Sites
  1. Internet Security
    Wireless Security

    Windows & BIOS Password Removal

Apple Computer Repair

Mac OS X service for all Apple products in Lake City.

Affordable, and Knowledgeable service on your Apple products, desktops, laptops, iPods, iPads, and iPhones
100% certified replacement Parts used always!

Hardware Support

- Out of warranty Apple repair & hardware upgrades

- Apple repair and hardware support for all generations of Apple equipment

- Peripheral Trouble-Shooting - i.e. scanners, printers, cameras, iPod, iPhone

Software Support

- Mac OS 9 and OS X installation, troubleshooting, cleanup, re-installation
- Mac OS Transition/migration
- Mac OS upgrades
- Messaging/e-mail trouble-shooting
- Internet connection trouble-shooting
- Mac-to-Mac and PC-to Mac conversion assistance
- Software support, installation & trouble-shooting for all Apple application

- Multiple OS loads , Have OS X , Windows, and Linux or more on one system !

Also Offered......

  • Cleaning of system
  • Corrupt journal fix
  • Data recovery
  • Ram & other hardware upgrades
  • Screen replacement
  • Mac Repair
  • Macintosh Service



Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

When your laptop screen breaks, and you need it changed. Always ask the vendor "what kind of screen  are you replacing it with, a Factory OEM, or a Chinese aftermarket one? The Chinese screen is inferior, i it has dead pixels, lower quality components, and it's life cycle is way shorter.

Make sure you ask for a OEM, or, just come to us, cause we ALWAYS  use ONLY OEM screens.

Hard Drive "cleaned" vs. Format and reinstall

This is one of the biggest debates around. Can you fully, successfully , remove all traces to a virus-trojan-malware from a hard drive without the need to reformat?

I say, in certain circumstances, yes. But i prefer to back up data, save your pictures, documents and such. And completely erase drive to DOD standard, and reinstall a fresh copy of your OS, and update, then put back all your pictures, documents and such. giving you a 100% fully cleaned, and speedy system, and all for the same price as the others charge just to so call "clean" out virus'.